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Pharmaceutical monitoring system


Traceability of vaccines and controlled drugs is a must-do to comply with FDA and MHRA requirements. To adhere with these strict protocols, a wide range control data must be monitored and recorded.

Strict audit trail 
Drug research and development must adhere to Good Laboratory Process (GLP) and Goods Manufacturing Process (GMP). As such, impeccable data records (temperature, CO2 level for incubator etc.) are a must have. 

Pharmaceutical storage must be able to comply with strict audit trail to ensure seamless sales and avoid loss of invaluable inventory.

Cost effective
Biotech, pharmaceutical warehousing and distributing businesses are facing a harsh competitive environment and are in need of very cost effective solutions.

Contronics’ lab monitoring systems are well suited for cold room pharmaceutical storage with its flexible hybrid wired & wireless solutions and its web-based monitoring, which save valuable key personnel time. In addition, the system is highly scalable, amenable to very small organisations as well as large ones.


Cold Room Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring Systems       

  • Cost effective solution
  • Total protection of valuable assets
  • Completely flexible
  • Full-proof audit trail
  • Excellent customer service




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