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The accuracy and reliability of the sensors is a key element of overall system performance. We supply only premium quality sensors from established industry specialists.

The majority of the points we monitor is related to temperature. The reliability and stability of our temperature probes makes a significant contribution to the overall monitoring system performance.

We also have a range of proprietary ‘product mimic’ which mimic the real behaviour of a blood bag.



Temperature (Core)

Fixed inside the fridge, the PT100 temperature sensors is the best in the market. We have used it for 15 years with continued success....

Temperature (Air)

Fixed outside the fridge, the PT100 sensors provide a very accurate measurement of the outside temperature, a valuable indication of the fridge activity required.


Our Humidity probes have been used extensively for incubators and room humidity monitoring. 


Door Contact

Our Door Contact probes have been used extensively to ensure that the fridges/cold rooms' integrity are maintained at all time....


Our differential pressure sensors help monitor both positive and negative pressures between rooms or back to a central reference.


Our Airflow probes can monitor positive air pressure labs in various environments.


Particle Count

We support a range of continuous and multiplexed particle counting solutions from our Particle Counting partners.

CO2 Level

Our CO2 Level probes have been used extensively in incubator and room concentration monitoring.

O2 Level

Our O2 Level probes have been used extensively in LN2 storage areas. 



Special Sensors

The Product Mimic is a specially designed product to mimic a blood bag's core temperature. it is used extensively by NHSBT and many hospital trusts accross the UK.



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Local hardware Interfaces

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