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Appliances that we monitor


Fridge, Freezer & Ultra Low Freezer
Our fridge temperature monitoring systems or freezer temperature monitoring systems are designed to capture the information that you need, such as simulated core temperature measurement with zero alarm delay and ambient temperature measurement as well as a longer alarm delay as required by MHRA for a blood fridge temperature monitor.


Cold Room
Our Cold room temperature monitoring systems are designed to provide accurate information on the overall temperature all across the room. To that end, we have designed a special probe case, which mimics the behaviour of a blood bag in a room, called the ‘Product mimic’.


General Storage (e.g., pharmaceutical storage)
We provide door alert to ensure doors have not been left ajar.


In-transit boxes & Liquid Nitrogen Containers
We have developed a set of in-transit temperature control products under the ShipsLog brand to ensure that your valuable medicines, vaccines and biological samples are kept safe during transportation.


We provide CO2 monitoring systems to ensure fermentation process are taking place properly.


Baby Incubators
Our temperature monitoring systems are ensuring newborn's temperature is safe at all time

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Local hardware Interfaces

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