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Vision and Mission

The ‘Internet of Things’ is an emerging concept advocating that by continuously monitoring objects that we use everyday we understand better how to utilise those objects and allow us to make a better use of them. The workplace has embraced those concepts, which lead to a clear increase in productivity and efficacy.

This trend has now reached the healthcare industry where its applications are numerous, ranging from a better patient monitoring to a safer environment. In this industry, continuous monitoring of a wide range of data is particularly appreciated as, being a heavily regulated industry, it must carry out long term recording and archiving data. As a consequence, even large and slow adopter public organisations, such as the NHS, have jumped on the train.

Contronics mission is simple. We want to help healthcare organisations embrace the ‘Internet of Thing’ revolutions to allow them to monitor all their laboratory equipment seamlessly in order to increase its quality control whilst saving money.



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