Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospital and Healthcare sectors in the UK continue to face stringent regulatory hurdles whilst managing constrained budgets. As part of this trend, hospital temperature monitoring guidelines are increasingly stringent.

MHRA and CQC compliant

The MHRA are imposing increasingly stricter rules on how and what to monitor and archive in order to achieve higher quality control. In order to help facilitate this process, the CQC has fully embraced software solutions to alleviate the use of already scarce human resource and avoid human errors.

Contronics’ hospital temperature monitoring is designed to allow an efficacious deployment of loggers and sensors across wards and other departments such as Pathology and Pharmacy.

NHS Case Studies

Contronics works with many NHS Trusts and Boards and has established entrusted supplier status over the past 25 years.  This has given us deep insights into the way in which different healthcare organisations operate and has allowed us to refine our systems to fit varying needs.

The flexibility of our systems is very valuable within Hospitals and Healthcare. Some Trusts and Boards have been very keen on wired installations to get total peace of mind, whilst other have favoured flexibility through wireless.  Some Trusts and Boards have had a per-department approach, others favour a holistic reach. We understand the different point of view and have accommodated them.

Contronics’ solutions are tailor-made for this sector ensuring robust data integrity.

  • Compliant
  • Cost effective
  • Secure and resilient
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multi alarm alert options
  • Wireless and wired systems
  • Broad range of sensor types
  • Comprehensive support