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Blood & Biobank temperature monitoring


Blood and Plasma

Blood and Plasma Banks are heavily regulated and are required to deliver biological products that are absolutely safe. Accurate data monitoring and record-keeping are critical to adhere to such strict rules.


Peace of mind

Contronics is a partner of choice for blood centres and tissue banks.  We have a huge experience in this field.
Amongst our longest business relationships is the European's largest Blood Centre in Bristol; in fact more than 80% of the blood and blood products stored at Blood Centres in England rely on the integrity of Contronics’ temperature alarm monitoring. In addition, many hospitals and private companies are routinely using our best-selling wireless temperature monitoring or our wired system temperature monitoring.



The use of biological samples, especially human sample, is increasingly prevalent in drug development as research relies less on animal experiments. In addition, the rise of cheap genetic testing has allowed large scale population genomics studies with a requirement for large sample population conservation.


Long term requirements

One characteristic of sample conservation for Bio-banks is the regulatory and commercial need to record very accurately and for a long period of time all data related to the archiving.

Contronics’ solutions is tailor made for this field to ensure no data is ever lost.

  • Total reliability
  • Fully compliant
  • Full-proof audit trail
  • Cost effective solution




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